COVID-19 Supplementary Terms



1. Application

a. These Covid T&Cs shall apply to all Events after the Effective Date until further notice in writing from Music Plus Sport.
b. If there is any inconsistency between any of these Covid T&Cs on the one hand and the Concert Terms and Conditions on the other then these Covid T&Cs shall prevail in preference to the terms of the Concert Terms and Conditions.
c. Unless explicitly varied by these Covid T&Cs, the terms of the Concert Terms and Conditions.


2. Interpretation

In these Covid T&Cs references to the terms below shall have the following meaning:

Covid 19 Reason” means where the cancellation or abandonment of an Event is caused by any Legal Requirements or where Music Plus Sport, in its absolute discretion, decides that the Event either cannot be performed, staged  safely or is not economically viable.

Effective Date” means 16th November 2020

“Event” means any live music concerts held at the Venue.

Legal Requirements” shall mean laws, regulatory requirements, government order or any actions, recommendations, guidance, announcements or restrictions whether made by a government body, authority, public health organisation or other similar official body including Public Health England.

“Music Plus Sport” means Music Plus Sport Ltd, its representative, servants, employees and sub-contractors and “Our” shall be read accordingly.

“Venue” means the location of the Event specified on any Ticket.

“Ticket” means any ticket for an Event.

You”, “Your” means Your or anybody who in Music Plus Sport’s reasonable opinion is acting with Your authority or permissions and “Your” shall be read accordingly in its role as Promoter of the Event.


3. Supplemental Terms

a. Cancellation during Covid 19 crisis. Music Plus Sport may, in its absolute discretion, terminate any Ticket at any time by writing to You (including by email or via Our websites). Music Plus Sport shall not be obliged to provide reasons for any such cancellation and save for providing a refund as set out below shall have no other liability or obligation whatsoever to You arising from any such cancellation.


b. Refund rights in event of cancellation by Music Plus Sport. In the event that Music Plus Sport cancels a an Event in accordance with clause 3 (a) above then:

i. it shall provide a refund of any amounts which You have already paid in respect of the applicable Ticket less any applicable deduction set out in clause 3 (b) (ii);

ii. where the cancellation has been caused by a Covid 19 Reason, then Music Plus Sport reserves the right to deduct from any such refund an amount equal to what Music Plus Sport decides, in its absolute discretion, is Your reasonable share of any unavoidable costs that Music Plus Sport has to pay in connection with Your Ticket for the related Event;

iii. Your refund less any deductions will not fall below the face value of the Ticket price.

iv. You shall not be obliged to pay any further amounts in respect of the applicable Ticket.


c. Music Plus Sport’s right to amend an Event.

i. Music Plus Sport may, in its absolute discretion, vary any space, facilities, the maximum allowed attendee numbers, any fees or charges or any other term specified by Your Ticket to reflect changes in or to comply with any applicable Legal Requirements.

ii. Your rights as set out in this clause 3 (d) shall constitute Your sole remedy arising from any variation of Your Ticket in accordance with this clause and Music Plus Sport shall have no further liability to You whatsoever arising from any such changes.


d. Customer’s right to Cancel

i. This clause sets out Your right to, as applicable, cancel all or part of a Ticket in the event that Music Plus Sport has not exercised any of its rights to cancel or abandon all or part of Your Ticket. If Music Plus Sport does exercise any cancellation or abandonment right then this clause shall not apply.

ii. If You or any other Critical Attendee (defined below) is unable to attend an Event for a Valid Reason (defined below) then You shall be entitled by providing notice in writing to Music Plus Sport (such notice to include reasonable evidence of the applicable Valid Reason) to elect to either:

i) cancel the applicable Ticket in full and receive a full refund;

ii) where You wish to continue without the applicable Critical Attendee, to vary the Ticket to reduce the number of attendees and receive a partial refund, calculated on a pro rata basis by comparing the number of attendees who are unable to attend the Event for a Valid Reason by the total number of persons in the party; or

iii. Music Plus Sport may request You to provide further evidence of any applicable Valid Reason and reserves the right to reject any election made under this clause 3 (e) if Music Plus Sport believes, acting reasonably, that insufficient evidence of a Valid Reason has been provided.

iv. For the purpose of this clause:

i) A “Critical Attendee” is either the purchaser of the Ticket or, for Group Bookings, the person who is hosting the other attendees to the applicable Event;

ii) A “Group Booking” is any Ticket which provides for the entrance of more than one person to the applicable Event.

iii) A “Valid Reason” means where You or another Critical Attendee either:

a. is incapacitated with Covid 19; or

b. have been told to shield or are self-isolating in following applicable Legal Requirements.


e. Conditions of Entry. Music Plus Sport reserves the right to impose such new conditions of entry into its Venues or codes of conduct as it, in its absolute discretion, considers necessary to comply with Legal Requirements, for example Music Plus Sport may at its discretion undertake health screening prior to Your attendance at any Venue. Music Plus Sport shall use all reasonable endeavours to inform You of these conditions in advance and reserves the right, without penalty or liability, to refuse entry or to eject You from any Venue if these conditions are not complied with.

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